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The exchange of information is found everywhere: 

from cells expressing their needs, jokes being rooted in misunderstandings, to how meteorites tell us their story.

Date & Time

Tuesday, June 21st, at 18.00

Sorte Firkant, Blågårdsgade 29, København



Special thanks to our contributors and those who attended the event and supported us!

Charu Jain


I come from India. I sometimes pinch myself in the morning to see if I am dreaming or if I am actually in Denmark. I just love it here.

I was trained as a biochemist during my master’s in India. At present, I am pursuing a PhD at KU's Novo Nordisk foundation center for Protein Research (CPR), where I am studying protein signaling in the context of cellular homeostasis and genome integrity. I am trying to set my foot in science communication.

Besides this I love dancing and standup-comedies are my all-time favorite pastime. 

Carlos Moreno

Originally from Madrid, I have lived for the last ten years in Denmark and traveled the world at the slightest opportunity.


I have a very diverse background that includes poetry, theater, radio, storytelling, scientific research, technical education, and comedy. I believe that art can be a wonderful vehicle to share knowledge.


In Copenhagen you might find me around a stage more often than not. With over seven years of international theater experience, I perform improvised theater and comedy, coordinate storytelling and theater workshops, write fiction, and try to find good excuses to eat popcorn as often as possible. 


Georgy V. Makhatadze

Georgy V_edited.jpg

Currently I am on a third year of my PhD at the Centre for Star and Planet Formation at KU. I do most of my work in a chemical lab, where I am measuring isotope compositions of meteorites.


I use these data to try and unravel the early history of the Solar System, the time when planets and asteroids were forming.

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