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It exists everywhere and can come in every shape and size: as proteins in our cells and bodies, as elements in an art piece, or as building blocks of our architecture.


Date & Time

Tuesday, April 26th, at 18.00

Sorte Firkant, Blågårdsgade 29, København


Special thanks to our contributors and those who attended the event and supported us!


Claudia Kielkopf


I studied biochemistry in Germany and Sweden before ditching the cold and getting my doctorate in Australia. Throughout that time, I became fascinated with the structure and function of proteins. Now I work as a researcher at the Center for Protein Research at KU on understanding bacterial self-defense mechanisms. It is the anticipation of adding a puzzle piece to science that gets me out of the bed in the morning – but mostly the thought of a nice, hot cup of green tea.

Thomas Talvard

I studied physics in Paris, and now I am mainly a freelance teacher in math and programming, who spends his spare time on music, riddles, and many outdoor shenanigans.

Whether it be in Copenhagen or when travelling, I tend to use the environment as a playground, a canvas, or both, which is why I'm a compulsive climber and am into performance/land art, including sand sculpting rather than sunbathing, snow and ice sculpting, preferably on frozen lakes.


Suzi Pain


I am trained as an architect and in the applied arts and my research explores how architects can integrate digital tools in their practice. I am fascinated by clay as an architectural material due to its rich ornamental history as well as it’s plasticity and ability to be formed in exciting ways through 3D print technology. If I’m not in the lab printing columns, you will most likely find me in the winter garden at Glyptotek enjoying the beautiful space.

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