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It is an inevitable process and more than just the development of life. 

How do mutations affect the way we function? 
How does a song appear out of single sounds, and which changes are happening in the Arctic?


Date & Time

Tuesday, May 24th, at 18.00

Sorte Firkant, Blågårdsgade 29, København


Special thanks to our contributors and those who attended the event and supported us!


Leonardo Cobuccio


I have a background in Biotechnology, but I then switched to Bioinformatics, so now I don't risk wasting expensive reagents in the laboratory if I get distracted. I am currently a Ph.D. student at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Protein Research at KU, where I try to shed more light on mental disorders by analyzing patients' DNA. Even though I come from Italy, I'm not a big fan of warm weather, but I love licorice. That's why I chose Copenhagen as my home!

Sonia T. Regalado

Noia de Món translates to “girl of the world” in Catalan, and it represents me 100% as my journey has made me the artist I am today. I’ve been songwriting all my life: when I was 18 I wrote my first musical theatre and at 20 I composed and recorded my first ever soundtrack at an educational level. Since then it has been a constant development until I’ve found the thing that makes me - that’s audiovisual storytelling, the perfect marriage between music, sound, and image.. 


Soňa Tomaškovičová


My interests in nature, mountains and adventure have led me from studying geochemistry in Bratislava, through Masters in hydrogeology in Paris, to a PhD in geophysics at The Technical University of Denmark. I am now a researcher and a lecturer at DTU applying geophysics and thermal modelling to permafrost investigations, and training future arctic engineers in Greenland. Changes in their living environment are something that people in the Arctic face already today, and we are making the science to assist them to better navigate that change. 

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